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1.  What does a package include, and what all do I have to pay for?  

~The package includes your consult, the photo session, the editing, the reveal, product pick-up, and my devotion to you.  You will have the Session Retainer fee and the cost of the the package and products you choose.  If you choose A la carte extras, you will include those as well.  I will offer special prices on A la carte purchases when ordering your package!      

2.  Do I have to come for a consult?

~ Only Senior consults are required, you don't have to come for other sessions, but for some it is suggested.  It can make quite a difference and gives comfort where there are questions of any expectations that you might have. 

3.  What happens if I have to reschedule?

~ Life is- what it is and sometimes things come up that WE can't control.  I accommodate my clients the best that I am able, sometimes it may push you a little farther out but we will make it work for both of our schedules.  I often run into this with seniors that are athletes, and I always do my very best to be helpful.  

4.  How many outfits can I bring?

~ As many as you want!  Your session is based somewhat on time, so if we're creative with your options your images will reflect a fantastic variety.  I encourage many outfits and don't forget to add accessories, they make a great additions to your look.  I will look over your choices when we get on location, and add helpful suggestions to pull together great looks as well! 

5.  I want to look like the people in the magazines, is this more money?

~ Yes and no, I will do some natural touches if needed when editing your images, I do not go over the top, but I do look at each image carefully.  My clients have been amazed at how spectacular they look.  But if your wanting extras above and beyond, this requires much more detailed editing work and can be time consuming, so there would be extra fees, normally this is a set price per photo chosen.  

6.  How many pictures do you take, and how many of those do I get?

~ I take on average 175-250, these are sorted through individually, to choose the very best for editing.  I don't set a limit on how many you will receive, don't worry I have never had a client wish they had more.

7.  Can I have a friend or family member in my senior pictures?

~ Sure, I am more than happy to add them in a few shots.  However I don't allow them to tag along during your session (a parent is the exception).  I will explain my reasons for this during your consult, and also how we plan for this situation.   

8.  I'm a senior, do you take a yearbook photo?

~ YES!  I will take a yearbook photo, I will go over that in the consult as well.  There is no extra fee for this. 

9.  Can I have my hair or make-up done?

~ Yes you can, there are options for this:  I do not have stylists on staff, but I have two amazing young ladies that I work with.  They work independently and their charges are incurred separately.  They also have to be scheduled around your session so this is a little more effort when planning your session.  But it is worth every bit of time and extra effort! 

10.  Do you choose a location for us, or do we have to find our own?

~ I always ask my clients if they have a location in mind, some do and others have no idea of what is a good location.  I will ask questions such as, do you have a special place, property, or maybe a family farm, or a business where you work, nurseries, wineries etc.  If you don't then I will offer some ideas that work with your personality that may be good options.

* Please note:  If you choose your own location, you may need to get permission from the owner or business, this is your responsibility and you will need to have a business card with a contact number and or paperwork to reflect permission.  I am very considerate of this and there are no exceptions.  If a fee is required for admittance you will be responsible for all parties. 

11.  How many locations can we choose?

~ For families I suggest one location that can accommodate different options for backgrounds.  Because of the different poses we want to capture we definitely don't want to use our time driving from location to location.

~ For seniors, I suggest two locations that are fairly close with many options at each.  Again you don't want to use your session time driving.  You will also need time for clothing changes, also make-up and hair touch-ups!  I do understand this is a very special session and I am willing to work with you, although I would much rather be creatively photographing you than looking for different backdrops. 

12.  Can I make payments?

~ Most definitely,  each client is planned differently according to their needs and abilities.

13.  How much of a deposit is required to hold the date? When is the balance due? What forms of payment do you accept?  

~The deposit is your Session Retainer fee, this is for the photographers knowledge, time, travel, editing and being available to you during the process.  Deposit is paid at the time of the consult and will hold your date.  

~The balance is due when you pick up your full package.

~ Acceptable payments are cash, check and bankcards.  I use Square, which accepts-Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express.  Square charges include a tiny process fee of 2.75%.  That fee is included in your transaction.  Example:  $100 would be $102.75

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